Who needs diamonds?

QUICKIE: Me: “Vincenzo, what’s the biggest number you know?”  Vincenzo: “TWENTEEN!”
I cut Kevin’s hair this weekend, and midway through had to go check on los ninos.  When I came back, Kevin had made something for me as a symbol of our undying love.


I’m not sure, but I think he is also counting this as my push present.  I knew he’d come through!

And is it just me, or does our newest kid look just a little bit like Captain Kirk?


If you’re not seeing it, perhaps this will help?


6 thoughts on “Who needs diamonds?

  1. Awwww, Jeff made a heart with one of my hairs on the shower wall. I told him it didn’t count because it was my hair.

  2. I was so relieved once I read the post. When the page first loaded, I thought that was hair from the shower drain. Ugh. Wait, does this tell you TMI about my shower?

  3. That’s no symbol of undying love, that’s a TRIBBLE!! Those things multiply faster than dust bunnies!

    Must…. warn…. my friend…. Mrs. Mouthy….

  4. Jennifer–OMG, thanks for the warning! That explains why 100 similar hair clumps attacked me when I opened the closet today! Fortunately, it was the closet with the vacuum cleaner so I zapped them all…or did I?

    Scottie! Beam me up! Scottie? Scottie!??!!

  5. Kevin totally gets it, it’s the little things that get and keep a girl’s heart. He’s a keeper. Sorry not seeing Kirk in Rocco even with the visuals.

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