A baby by any other name…

QUICKIE: I was wondering if Vincenzo knew why we gave him his middle name of Steven, so I asked, “Who else do you know named Steven?”  Without hesitation, he answered, “Abby!”
Rocco had his 10-day appointment at the doctor’s this week and when we showed up the receptionist said, “This is the second Rocco we have in this office!”  I sulked.  While I did know that the name has been rising in popularity, now I’m worried that I’ll open a Pottery Barn Kids magazine and see “Rocco” embroidered on all the baby towels and I’ll have to introduce myself as “MrsMouthy the Yuppie” for the rest of my life.  Sulk sulk sulk.  Oh great.  Now I’ve sulked all over my Espresso Bedford Rectangular Desk Set and Montego Rush Seat Chair.

Anyway, my mom wrote me this e-mail a few months ago when we broke the news to the family that the baby wasn’t really going to be named Mbungo:

Ok, so I must admit I’m having a tad bit of problem with the name “Rocco.”  Any chance of going with Mbungo?  I decided to do a little research on the internet to see how many “Roccos” there are in the world.  Unhappily, the very first one on the list is:  “Rocco Siffredi (born 4 May 1964) is the stage name of an Italian pornographic actor, director and producer of pornographic movies. As of 2005, he has starred in more than 1,300 pornographic films.  Siffredi’s screen name was reportedly inspired by a character from the movie Borsalino(1970), "Roch Siffredi", played by Alain Delon. He is also known as the "Italian Stallion", a reference to his penis size.” I suppose to some this might be a GOOD namesake to have.

Well,  I’m feeling a little better to see that the next Rocco listed is: Rocco Baldelli, a Major League Baseball player for the Tampa Bay Rays;

But aha! At last!  I found that there is a Saint Roch, also known as Rocco:

“From the Germanic personal name Rocco, which was borne by a 14th-century saint from Montpellier remembered for his miraculous healings during an outbreak of the plague in northern Italy. The etymology of the name is uncertain (see Roch).”  There’s even a St. Rocco School in Rhode Island!  

Love you,


…and my response to her:

You found us out.  To choose names, we simply googled, "boy names + large penis + pornography" and Rocco was the obvious choice.  That our son is going to be a saint to boot is just icing on the cake.

Large Penis Productions, Inc.


5 thoughts on “A baby by any other name…

  1. that is totally how I felt when suddenly at preschool we had a Clara C. I mean seriously, we had gone to the Social Security website and made sure it hadn’t fallen in the top 100. ( I guess we just like “popular” names)

  2. I haven’t said “Congratulations” yet. I’m a bad, bad friend.


    Pay no attention. Rocco is a great name. The porno connection will only serve to make him more popular in high school. 😉

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