Can your MIL do this?

I don’t have much to blog about today, as I’ve spent the past 6 days doing nothing more than staring at this:


But my MIL, in her extreme thoughtfulness and dearness, spent the last month writing and gathering some guest posts for me.  This is a sweet one written from the perspective of a few dads she knows.

Theme: A mélange de quatre perspectives on pregnancy and motherhood
Merged comments of four fathers in Chicago sharing more than 120 years of fatherhood expertise
Edited from a month of ramblings by each of them
Identity hidden to protect the innocent and/or the honest

Pregnancy alters everything in a relationship because the birth of a child creates a family. You will never be just a “couple” again. Not a bad thing, but certainly a life changing thing. I never thought of it before it happened—and then bang, it was there big as life. Probably this realization happened in the wee hours of the morning when families tend not to sleep.

Pregnancy is all about hormones. Physiologically, the body is all about adaptation. Your blood volume increases, your hormones rage, your body swells in response to uneven water distribution in tissue compartments. That is the clinical definition. My advice: watch your salt intake.

I consider the time my wife was pregnant equal to be married to a wonderful alien being. I am grateful she returned (almost) to earth after each one of those incubations because I was not prepared to leave the planet permanently. Maybe I watched too much science fiction when she could not sleep.

Pregnancy is all about sacrifice. The pregnant one has to give up coffee, alcohol, heartburn promoting foods, outfits with waists. Pagan ritual that it is —- science considers it a natural state of health, but many suffer chronic challenges especially in the final weeks of this unnatural “natural” state when all rules go out the window and the entire world is focused on, as my wife put it, “getting this out of my body!”

I heard there was a guy who decided to gain the same amount of weight that his wife gained during her first pregnancy. Each week they weighed and kept up with each other. He didn’t have to eat the same foods she did, just keep the weight contest going. She was fine. He got high blood pressure. She still has some of her pregnancy weight three years later. He lost the weight but still has high blood pressure. I don’t know what the moral of this story is—but maybe guys shouldn’t try to be a mom too – keep to the dad thing.

I love being a dad. I never knew how empty my life was until I held that first little guy in my arms. It still brings tears to my eyes.

They don’t call it the miracle of birth for nothing. It’s a miracle we all survive the intensity of labor and delivery. I now understand the value of short term memory that disappears fast. You need to remember only the good things.

I still find it impossible to believe a 6 or 7 pound baby can turn into a 200 pound adult cell by cell. How can that happen? Why can’t I get rid of the extra cells that kept on growing in my waist region? I need to find the “shut-off” switch.

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