Skip this post if you’re sick of baby stuff

QUICKIE: Vincenzo: “Mom, there’s a big poop in my diaper!  It’s much bigger than a pea!”
Q: How should you feel when someone calls you a “loose two or a tight three?”
A: Awesome!  It was my doctor and she was talking about centimeters!

(The answer would also be the same if it was God telling me what my post-baby jean size will be.)

The only thing I’m worried about is that last week’s inappropriate probing at the OB’s revealed that I’m a Group B Strep carrier, which really is an almost nothing risk to me or the baby, but I never discount “almost nothing risks” after having a T13 baby.  I keep repeating, “It will be fine, it will all be fine.”  Copy/paste in comments section, please.

This weekend was full of pampering and fun!  On Saturday I went to a baby shower por moi, then a 40th birthday party; on Sunday I went to a baby shower por moi, then a 40th birthday party.  It feels weird to neither attend my own baby shower today nor attend your 40th birthday party today.  My family and friends way outcrafted me at my showers and I hate to get braggy on my blog, but my friends and family ROCK!  The first shower was done in an Italian theme with everything from marbled quail eggs to an Italian cream cake; the second was done in a zebra-and-teal theme and involved karaoke wars.  Told ya; my peeps rock!

My BIL also snuck in a photo shop with my much-exploited belly this weekend.  Give him some props—he’s a lurker in these parts.








*In the interest of modesty, I wore a bra, underwear, and ankle-length ski parka in the last photo.  Zombie BIL really knows his way around Adobe Photoshop.

Chicken cobb salad
Potato salad
Grilled cilantro-lime sweet potato fries

12 thoughts on “Skip this post if you’re sick of baby stuff

  1. Love, love Michael’s pics – especially the “oh boy” one. I’m so glad that your showers were wonderful and I missed seeing you (fortunately your last pic allowed me to see even more of you).

    I was Group B Strep positive with both pregnancies (actually I think it was an assumed positive with #2 since I didn’t keep her in there long enough to test). I freaked out a bit with #1 at first because the Googling on this one can be scary. But really it just is a good excuse to get to the hospital earlier without the fear of being sent home since they want to hook up your antibiotics.

    Your blog worthy gift will ship out tomorrow!

  2. IT WILL BE FINE. actually, it will be better than fine, it will be insanely normal for the baby and awesome for you!

  3. I always wished I could do pregnancy pics, but every time I tried, they came out looking ironic. “How funny, it’s like she’s TRYING to look like she enjoys pregnancy and that she’s going to love her baby, but you that weird, creepy pained half smile and the disgusting stretch marks clue me into her reality.” I pretty much hate you for pulling this off.

    (A tight 3!!! That’s like, a sneeze away from an easy 5!)

  4. Andrea & Casey: Thanks for the reassurance–that’s exactly what I was fishing for!

    Tricia: I love that one, too, and I also can’t believe I’ve gotten so risque!

    Renee: Notice I never post the straight-on face shots. That’s the key to making pregnancy look somewhat enjoyable: hide the telling eyes.

    Ahh-ahh-ahh-CHOO! Just kidding.

  5. “It will be fine, it will all be fine.” “It will be fine, it will all be fine.” “It will be fine, it will all be fine.” “It will be fine, it will all be fine.” “It will be fine, it will all be fine.”
    REALLY – Everything will be better then fine. You will be holding Mr. Rocco soon enough. 🙂

  6. Hi! I don’t think we’ve ever met formally, but I’m a good friend of Nicole Roberts and have been reading your blog for a while. Knowing your history it’s probably idiotic to tell you “don’t stress” the stress tests and Group B. I had both with both of my pregnancies (among other fun stuff) and these ended up being not worth the worries!

  7. Sonnet: Thank you thank you thank you!

    Corey: We originally tried the silhouette with me wearing jeans, but when BIL showed me the result on his camera I was actually the one who said we need to lose the jeans. I stripped down to my “skivvies;” BIL edited out the bra line in the end. It didn’t feel weird at all because honestly a bra/underwear is just like a two-piece bikini these days!

  8. Love the pictures!! They are beautiful! I was Strep B positive and all four of my kiddos were happy and healthy. No worries!!

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