Family problems

QUICKIE: Just a cartoon I came across that makes me giggle:


(I’m not sure if you can read the last box, but she’s saying, “Well, that sucked.”)

The last time my family got together the big event involved Nads and the neck hair of the men we love.  We got together again this weekend and, well, I’m not sure how to describe what happened next.

My parents:


BIL and sis:


Jnott (i.e. zombie BIL and sis):


Mr. and Mrs. Mouthy:


Please tell me this is all completely normal and your family does the same kinds of things when you’re all together.  Because if not, I’m not sure how to explain this all to Mbungo when he pops his little gigantic head into the world in three weeks!

Salmon chowder
Corn on the cob
Berry shortcakes

7 thoughts on “Family problems

  1. I WISH we did stuff like that, but we just mostly eat when we are together. You guys are much more original.

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