Life in the blurbs

Nothing big is going on around here lately so I thought I’d post a bunch of little things.  They won’t make you put on your LOLrsk8s, but you might want to lace up your AWWWW-lrsk8s.

Conversation 1:
Vincenzo: Someday when I’m bigger and I don’t have teeny tiny arms I’ll sit in the car without a car seat and then I can reach my sword on the floor.
Me: Do you think you’ll still be into swords by the time your arms are that big?  Maybe you’ll be into something different by then, like girls.
V: I think I’ll still be a turtle.

Conversation 2:
Vincenzo: Where are we going?
Me: Little Gym.
V: Will Abby be there?
Me: Yes, Abby will be there.
V: Where?  Where are we going?!

Conversation 3:
Me: Guess what I did before you woke up today?  I went swimming!
V: I know.
Me: How could you possibly have known that?
V: I dreamt it.

Covnersation 4:
Me: Will you put your face under the water at swim lessons today?
V: No, but I’ll put my nose and one eye under.

Have a fab weekend, everyone!


5 thoughts on “Life in the blurbs

  1. Your conversations were way more fun than mine (pout)most of mine centered around what James could and couldn’t do, mostly what he couldn’t do.

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