Enough about me…

QUICKIE: Me: “Vincenzo, it’s time to wash your hands.”  V: “I don’t have hands.  I have claws!!!”
I just wanted to thank the amazing photographers who have taken pictures of mah pregnant bellah this time around.  There are only so many chocolate chip cookies I can send them, so I’ll extend my thanks by posting a couple of the pix in my vastly popular blog.  The first two were taken by Eduard Koller when I was 7 months pregnant and the others were taken by my zombie BIL this week (8 months cooked).  Thanks so so so so much, guys!








Those are about the only pictures of my on record where my mouth isn’t wide open, so I here’s one that proves it really is me.


Ham & turkey crepes
Glazed carrots
Home-canned peaches

11 thoughts on “Enough about me…

  1. You are stunning! This is the first pictures that I’ve ever seen of you on your blog (if there have been others, I missed the post) and WOW Mrs. Mouthy – you are gorgeous!

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