Okay, okay, yesterday’s post was full of partial truths.  Yes, Jnott did elope and go to Hawaii, but no those weren’t their actual wedding pictures.  Here is an actual picture of their wedding day.


What yesterday’s pictures were really from was a a zombie walk we did on Friday night to try to take back the Guinness Book of World Record title.  The evening was rife with fake blood, bad jokes, and, of course, BRAINS.

Driving there, we stopped at an intersection and looked over to see another zombie driving to the march.  We both rolled our windows down and he asked, “Pardon me, do you have any Brain Poupon?”  Like I said, rife with bad jokes.  Once we parked, our friend Erica retouched everyone’s hair/faces with flour, as she was the official Flour Girl of our party.  Most of the zombie walk involved standing in line trying to register.  The line-standing was occasionally punctuated with the chant, “WHAT DO WE WANT?” to which everyone yelled, “BRAINS!”  This was followed by, “WHEN DO WE WANT THEM?” to which everyone yelled, “BRAINS!”  Zombies.

The march took place in a part of Seattle called Fremont that has a very colorful community–so colorful that at times it was hard to tell the undead from the not dead.  Here are pictures of both, for your viewing pleasure.



Not dead.




Not dead (but quite possibly bored on the job).




Not dead.


Undead.  Definitely undead.

I’m not sure if we broke any zombie records but even if we didn’t, at least I’ve had something to blog about this week.  Tomorrow it will be back to writing about pantsless mannequins and small fundus size, so I hope you’ve made the most of this mini brain-cation.

Braised chicken with dried plums
Roasted potatoes
Asparagus with balsamic vinaigrette

5 thoughts on “BRAAAAIIIINS!

  1. Do you have ANY idea how much I wish I did things like this? You’re living the dream. The dream where I ask people if they have any brain poupon.

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