Baby update.  Here’s MrsMouthy @ 34 weeks:


A couple weeks ago after a normal OB appointment and a normal ultrasound, I got a call from the doctor’s office that went something like this:

Calm voice on phone: I’m calling from the doctor’s office to set up weekly Neonatal Stress Tests. 
Panicky voice on phone (i.e. me): Neonatal Stress Tests?  Is something wrong?  What’s wrong with my baby?!!  The doctor saw something on the ultrasound, didn’t she?  It’s the cord—it was too close to the baby’s face.  I knew this was going to happen.  Is he going to be okay?  Is my baby going to make it?  Mah bay-baaaaaay!
Calm voice: I’m sorry ma’am; I’m just the receptionist.

Later I learned there was absolutely nothing wrong with Mbungo; my OB was just taking extra precautions because of Angelo and because I have a slight blood clotting condition.  But still!  How could I not be a little stressed out?  I mean, the word “stress” is right there in the name of the tests they signed me up for!

Anyway, for the past two appointments my stomach has been measuring a bit small.  If this had been my first pregnancy, the one where I didn’t worry about anything and where I was proud of my small size, I would have skipped out of the office and called everyone I knew who had been a boat when they were pregnant to tell them how small I was.  As it is, this is my third pregnancy and the one where I call the OB’s office if I don’t feel the baby moving for five minutes, so there has been no skipping or phone calling.

I have an ultrasound in the morning to make sure Mbungo is growing okay and I told myself I wouldn’t bing* “small fundus,” but then I accidentally did.  I’m trying to go with the safest possibility, which is that the baby is simply sideways and will probably turn his head south in the next week or two and everything will proceed as normal.  It’s just that there are much worse possibilities that a small fundus could indicate, and yes, Mom, I know I’m being a bit dramatic but the last time a doctor said that she was sending me back for an ultrasound but not to worry; everything looks mostly normal and this is probably one of those things that will just work itself out—that was the time I found out my baby was going to die.

I’ll write an update as soon as I can.  Probably nothing is wrong.  But I hate probability.

Herby turkey burgers
Buttermilk blue cheese potato salad
Fruit platter
Cherry sherbet in tuile bowls

*You’re welcome, Kevin and Microsoft

5 thoughts on “Who, me? Panic? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  1. I HATE probabilities as well.We will keep send up prayers of peace for you and baby. Call if you need ANYTHING…even if its just to hang out with us to remind yourself that your life is pretty calm *smiles* We love you Rachel.

  2. The only thing I’m concerned about in today’s post is how clean you cloffice (closet-office) is in that photo. Nothing in my house looks that tidy and organized. Did you stage it for the photo?

  3. McStreamy: Of COURSE I staged it. Staging photos is very important in this phase of pregnancy nesting.

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