Update from morning’s post

I think it’s mean to make pregnant ladies pee in a cup.  If you have never simultaneously been eight months pregnant and peed in a cup, try holding a watermelon to your stomach with one hand while reaching the other down with a Dixie cup and see if you can do it without any stray drops.  Not that you can see the drops at that point, but trust me, you’ll know if you made it or not.

And the good news is…no news!  Mbungo looks totally healthy and is growing, so I can stop worrying about the placenta being detached, a clot in the cord, the danger of Mbungo swallowing his own poop, and a bunch of other things that my small fundus could have been indicators of.

Of course, we didn’t make it out of the appointment without the sonographer commenting, “Well, his head certainly isn’t measuring small!”  I get it, okay?  The watermelon isn’t just a metaphor in my case!

8 thoughts on “Update from morning’s post

  1. I always asked for two cups. I’d pee all over the first then dump some pee into the clean cup. I love the pic in your last post. Your one of the cutest little pregnant woman I’ve ever seen.

  2. It is not so funny when it is you peeing in the cup – but it is funny reading it and remembering. With Allie I had to have an NST and AFI every day for the last two weeks I was pregnant. More than once I had to come back later in the day because she was “too quite” (a.k.a asleep) for accurate results of the NST. If that happens – take a deep breath, go get something toeat and drink some juice – fructose wakes the baby up supposedly. Worrying is part of being a mom. He’ll be here soon… 😉 You are the cutest pregnant woman I know. I think they need to use your silhouette for one of those prego stamps 🙂

  3. SO glad every thing is going good 🙂 I cant believe how quickly time is passing! Tell watermelon Mbungo i said hello! 🙂

  4. What? No comment on how I used, “your,” instead of “you’re?”
    I was hoping to get a rise out of you 🙂

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