A picture is worth 1,000 swear words

QUICKIE: Vincenzo, placing a hand on my boob: “It feels like Mbungo’s head is right about here today…”  He followed it up a couple days later by placing a hand on my thigh and saying, “It feels like the baby’s getting bigger.”
Here are a couple shots from around my house this week.  It feels weird because I only have two pictures, and I always post things in threes.  Maybe by the time I’m finished writing this, a third thing will pop up?

1). I found Vincenzo’s garbage truck set up this way a couple days ago.  What does it say about you when your child’s imaginative play starts including road rage?


2). Vincenzo actually colored a picture, of his own volition, on Sunday.  He calls it “The Cave where Turtles Get Lost.”  The purple part is a series of slides, apparently, and a rocket ship (don’t even THINK about calling it a space ship) so the lost turtles can get out.


Not 3). Yeah, nothing’s popping up for a third image…other than my belly button, and I’ll spare you the visuals on that one.

Grilled mahi mahi with avocado mango salsa
Pasta with walnut parsley pesto
Cucumber salad

7 thoughts on “A picture is worth 1,000 swear words

  1. It appears that the subliminal message under the slides worked its magic to get Vincenzo to draw. Maybe tomorrow God will give him the courage to play quietly on his own and sleep in his bed.

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