Rocking the fun-a-thlon

QUICKIE: Check it out–Vincenzo’s habit of not wearing pants is finally catching on!


Not sure how all of you spent the weekend, but guess who I was hanging out with?  Does anyone recognize…THIS guy?


No?  Well then maybe you’d recognize THIS chick?


Still no?  Can you still find it somewhere in your hearts to feel jealous that I spent an afternoon with these 30-second-famers anyway?  They were hosting a fun-a-thlon for kids, the point of which we could not determine but the highlight of which was a piggy back race.  Vincenzo does not do piggy back rides.  He never has.  But with a little persuasion (“Look, honey!  The turtle races are starting!  Quick!  Daddy needs his shell!), we managed to participate.


That’s them, coming in next-to-last place.  (Dead last was an 8-year-old kid carrying his dad who was carrying his baby brother.)  Kevin claimed Vincenzo kept yelling, “Slower, Daddy, slower!”  Because it was Father’s Day, I let him think I believed him.

But technically speaking, Vincenzo and Kevin were the only turtles in the piggyback race, so technically I guess that makes them…first?

Then again, knowing who the host is, the gold medal probably went to the person in second place.  Ouch.

Cilantro turkey burgers
Twice baked potatoes

7 thoughts on “Rocking the fun-a-thlon

  1. Also, I AM jealous you spent time with those two. You are truly way too cool for me. I feel the need to apologize for reading your blog and mucking it up with my uncoolness.

  2. If only the bachelor dude was dressed like the headless guy with fantastic gams in the first picture.

    James spent most of the weekend shirtless and pantless this weekend. He was REALLY getting into the whole dino’s don’t wear clothes thing.

  3. Wow! Wish we were there. Eric and Brice would have loved the piggyback races. Too bad Eric spent the entire day trying to get home for New Orleans.

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