All things Idahoan

QUICKIE: Search engine traffic term of the week: “naked pregnant large stomach.”  Thank you, whoever found me that way.
Kevin went on a business trip this week–to Idaho, the lucky bastard.  (It’s the only place he ever gets to go.)  He came back bearing gifts, as always.

For himself, this pink, huckleberry-scented t-shirt:


For Vincenzo, this almost-pink t-shirt and two packages of honey roasted peanuts:


And for his lovely wife, who spent most of the time he was gone puking in the bathroom while still lovingly tending to their son:


I mean, throw me a friggin’ bone already!  My son got a t-shirt and two, read that as TWO, packages of peanuts!

But he should know by now, I always get the last laugh.

2 packages of peanuts

8 thoughts on “All things Idahoan

  1. He could have at least decorated the barf bag on the plane as a hand puppet. Or, just kept it plain considering all the puking you are already doing.

  2. Were those t-shirts originally white? I ask only because that is pretty much the exact shade of pink I achieved with my fancy laundrying.

    Hope you feel better. I wanted a toilet cake to celebrate the 100th day of puking when I was pregnant with Joe. I didn’t get it.

  3. Good lord woman, are you EVER not funny? EVER??

    Those shirts are awesome, by the way. Anytime a moose flashes a peace sign at me, I know I’m 30% cooler.

  4. Nice one Kevin…really (disgusted head shake).
    I’m sorry you’ve been barfing. Feel better soon.

  5. Keiko: I would give my eyeteeth for a barf bag hand puppet.

    Su: Thanks for the spam. I will have it with my eggs tomorrow.

    Outnumbered: Love the toilet cake idea, but not only have you outnumbered me; you’ve also outpuked me. As sick as I am my whole pregnancy this was the first time I actually produced the physical evidence.

    Renee: I will answer your question with another question: Why do you think I only blog 3-4 times a week?

    Lizgizzy: Thanks for the support and the well-directed head shake. My own head was getting tired of shaking all alone.

  6. I don’t get JACK when my husband travels. Souvenirs are a concept he has yet to grasp. My ‘welcome home baby’ would be far warmer if he would master the art of the souvenir.

  7. sooooooooooo sorry I have been MIA. I’m back, and you’ll most likely wish I wasn’t.

    I’m still baffled that your hubby wanted a pink shirt that smells of berries?????? ummmm is he friends with strawberrry shortcake or something????

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