Because random works…

QUICKIE: Vincenzo to Kevin: “How about you be a shark and I’ll be a turtle, but I have a funky smell.”
Just a few random things you should know if you’re planning on being a ghost writer for the MrsMouthy/Vincenzo/Kevin autobiography:

1.  You know how you sometimes lend something to a friend and it comes back a little worse for wear?  Yeah, well this week I lent Kevin to my BIL for stump removal.  Among all the axes, digging bars, log grenades, and picks, my husband managed to get himself damaged.  He got damaged not from taking a heroic swing at the stump but by attempting to use a log grenade to open a beer, most of which he drank before realizing he should probably go to the hospital. 

I don’t know if I will be lending him out again in the near future.

2.  Vincenzo is becoming a turtle less and less, and it makes me sad.  Last week he dug a hole at the beach and filled it with water, and I asked him what it was.  He answered, “A puddle.”  I almost cried.  Has he burned through all his imagination already?

3.  Then again, his room looks like this now:


He calls this mess on his floor a surfboard, and he sleeps on it every night.  Yes, the kid who has the coolest bed in the world now sleeps on the floor beside it.

4.  My son both understands and regularly uses the words “wedgie,” “skid mark,” and “going commando.”  I’m beginning to wonder if these terms were imparted with the best of judgment??

5.  Guess who I saw this weekend?


That’s right–Dumbledore.  And if you don’t believe me, then who else do you think fought off all these Dementors?!


A major congrats to my SIL, who graduated from pharmacy school and who I must now refer to as Dr. SIL.  She really loves her drugs!

MIL’s smörgåsbord

5 thoughts on “Because random works…

  1. Lizgizzy: Yes, Kevin is okay. A mere flesh wound. But I am definitely downplaying it, as he downplayed the incident I had with a cheese grater last month where I swear you could see down to my bone, and he kept telling me it was nothing so stop complaining.

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