I’ve got family in high places

Once a year my uncle buys about 50 tickets to a Mariners game and we have a pseudo family reunion in the nosebleed section, and yesterday was The Big Day.  As the game’s start time coincided with Vincenzo’s nap time, it was not the most pleasant of experiences for us.  Vicnenzo spent most of the game covering his ears when people cheered; asking, “Is it over?” then following up that question with, “Is it over now?”; and really nailing down the smoldering eyes look. 

There were a few bright spots in the game for him, though:

Thank you to my BIL for taking these gorgeous pictures…and for letting me touch your equipment whenever I wanted throughout the game.  My sister and my husband either didn’t notice or didn’t care.

Anyway, we’re not big baseball fans ourselves but we managed to keep ourselves entertained.  Like how in the second inning when I pretended to go into labor and my younger sister rushed over to help me birth a bag of blue cotton candy.  She held it up for all to see and announced proudly, “It’s a boy!” 

Later in the game she traded in her surgical mask to give her inner artist a try. I hope whoever this foot belongs to enjoyed the improvements my younger sis gave it!


Honey mustard pork
Pea and cheddar salad (you know the one)
Spinach salad with strawberries and walnut vinagrette

4 thoughts on “I’ve got family in high places

  1. I want to throw up just looking at these (beautiful) pictures. Just this past weekend I suggested to Erik that we should get some tickets and take Madison sometime – we aren’t sports people at all and he laughed at me stating that we wouldn’t last an inning. My response was, “But we could get that guy to throw her a hot dog and stuff – that would be fun!” I’m glad that my idea of getting through a baseball game is similar to yours and now I know to bring a Sharpie too. Can I bring Michael and his camera also???

  2. I noticed the quality of the pictures right away. They are great! Vincenzo is truly adorable!!! We miss you guys.
    Ummm….I have to ask….Do you touch your BIL’s “equipment” often??

  3. What kind of camera were you using. We have to get a new one, our old one is getting sloooowwww.

    This is getting strange,Vincenzo and James almost have the same hair color now. I think we should get them together just to see what happens.

  4. You crack me up. I think I would have paid to be there and maybe, just maybe, stayed awake for the entire game – it would have been a first.

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