The other half

QUICKIE: Vincenzo: “Mom, we don’t need to eat breakfast tomorrow.”  Me: “Why not?”  V: “Because we already ate it today!”
I decided I’m feeling generous after my last post, so here are the other 12.5 random things about me.  I have to admit, I used up all the heavy-hitters in my first one, so this list is a bit fluffy, but still fun!

13 (i.e. the rest of 12.5) …to my son that I don’t have a penis.

14. Right now there are 12 kinds of cheese in my fridge. This is perfectly normal.

15. I’m 7 months pregnant and while most people know the baby as Mbungo, his real name rhymes with Taco.

16. There is currently a plastic sword lodged between my dress and my boobs. I did not put it there.

17. I am afraid of flying, dentists, salamanders, bridges, Yellowstone National Park, and pretty much everything else.

18. If I could find a job that let me cook, scrapbook, hang out with friends, go to the beach, take naps, blog, work out, and be with my family all day, I’d quit what I’m doing right now and sign up! Oh wait…

19. On the 6 month anniversary of our blind date, Kevin and I wrote each other letters that we planned to open one year later. I told him how cute he was in mine; he proposed to me in his.

20. I was supposed to be named Jennifer but when my dad went downstairs to get a “Jennifer” nametag at the hospital, they were sold out.  (they named me MrsMouthy instead because they thought it might look good on a blog in 30 years.)

21. I heart tube socks.

22. I also heart Jessica Simpson. I even dressed up like her one day when I was a junior high teacher and taught the whole day like that, just because.

23. I took piano lessons from the 3rd through 9th grade. Every year I got pulled out of school to go to “auditions.” No one ever told me what I was auditioning for, but I’m pretty sure I got it.

24. I have eaten turtle poop and gotten salmonella from it.

25. My will states that the top three commenters on my blog will equally divide all my worldly possessions.

Honey marinated pork loin
Gnocchi with pesto
Chocolate PB cookie bars

11 thoughts on “The other half

  1. #13- I haven’t been asked to do that yet…
    #14- really?
    #19- awww
    #24- eww

  2. #16 – Only in your house…

    #19 – That’s so cute! I guess he had a year to getcha the bling.

    #24 – Something tells me you should have known better…

    #25 – Looks like I’ve got some commenting to do!

  3. Can’t wait to see pics of Baby Rocko.

    Do you know WHY they were sold out of Jennifer tags? Because in that ‘era’ every third child – boy or girl – was named Jennifer. It was the Emily of the 70’s.

    Of course if you were born in the eighties you hate me right now for calling you old.

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