My, what a big head you have

QUICKIE: After looking at a boogie hanging out of Vincenzo’s nose for nearly a week, we finally extracted it.  Being outside, we buried it in the ground and I asked Vincenzo to say a few words over it.  “Goodbye, boogie, I love you!” he said, and ran off to play.  Kids are so resilient.
I’m 29 weeks pregnant, and I’ve reached the point where my stomach is large enough to make my legs look thin!


I look decent enough with clothes on, but naked MrsMouthy looks like something you might see while flipping through the pages of a National Geographic magazine.  When I catch sight of myself in a mirror my instinct is to nudge my neighbor, point, and snicker, and then I remember that I’m not in the sixth grade and this is not a magazine.

We had another ultrasound for baby Mbungo yesterday.  The OB had wanted to keep an eye on the low-lying placenta, which thankfully has moved out of the “line of fire.”  Whew!  But this time the doctor is a little concerned about how BIG my baby apparently is (specifically how big his head is) so I’ll have another ultrasound in a couple weeks.  Believe me, someone who will be in labor in a couple months does not want to hear that her baby has a big head.  Feet?  Fine.  Nose?  No problem.  Head?  Shoot me now!  (With an epidural, that is.)

I’m really not too worried, though, as Vincenzo was born with the proportions of a bobblehead doll.  His weight was 15th percentile, height was 45th, and head was 95th.  He got it from Kevin’s side of the family, I’m told.   Take this as a note of caution, any single girls who read this blog: when looking for a potential mate or lifelong partner, choose someone with a small head.  That way you’ll never need to know the specifics of what a third degree tear “down there” looks or feels like, as your front plumbing will always be a safe distance from your back plumbing.

Seriously, the closer your husband resembles this guy…


…the better off you and the future human race will be.

Picnic at the park:
Chicken lettuce wraps
Assorted funky cheeses/crackers
Sparkling cider with raspberries

10 thoughts on “My, what a big head you have

  1. Rachel,
    Beeker looks good to me. An added bonus, he can’t talk back. Only meep, meep, meep!

  2. You make me laugh!! You look absolutely fabulous!! You have to be the cutest pregnant person I have ever seen.

  3. hey hottie. I married a big head too. My strategy was to just have my children 4-5 weeks early. It worked out really well for me so you may want to consider that option.

    btw – what is on your shirt? It looks like you have a large yellow circle on your bump… I’m dying to know what it says…

  4. Thanks for the advice about the heads, I’m sure you’re right, but I’d prefer to go the adoption-only route. Just seems more sanitary, that way.

  5. Rachel,

    I too have kids with BIG heads.So much so that at 37 weeks they determined I would NOT be allowed to have another VBAC with Brent. Brent is currently not even making it on the charts for overall body size, but his head is 95th percentile. Dr. have assured me that that is the body doing its greatest work, the brain is NEVER deprived. I am now PROUD of my big headed spouse, self and children…cause we’re potentially smart…or something.

  6. I admire your ability to refrain from picking your kid’s booger for that long. Sometimes I just go looking for them. My husband likens me to an ape with my overdeveloped need to groom him and the boy. Though I do not eat the boogers.

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