I heart Kevin

QUICKIE: Vincenzo, trying on his new swim trunks: “These are too cool even to LOOK at!”
We have this ravine behind our house that is awesome because we own it, but not so awesome because it is full of things that either scratch you, sting you, or suck your blood.  But, like I said, it’s OURS!  And we’re going to own it since we, you know, OWN it. 

Over the six years we’ve spent in this house we’ve been slowly taking over the ravine.  Take, for example, this little corner:



In our latest installment of Take Back the Ravine, this weekend Kevin leveled out an area and started building a playground set on it.


It took a couple trips to the hardware store and a borrowed truck, but the good news is that the playground instruction booklet was 40 pages less than the instructions for Vincenzo’s castle Lego set. 

My favorite moment was after I called in Kevin’s sister’s boyfriend* (because Kevin, in his infinite cuteness, insisted he could do it by himself but I, in my infinite wisdom, knew better) and he commented, “You know, Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  Kevin answered, “No; it was built over Memorial Day weekend.” 

Kevin worked all day, every day on the playground until I started to worry that all these projects I dream up are going to “use up” my husband and I’ll be left alone by age 40.  This thought was really bothering me until we pulled into Home Depot Sunday morning and I saw a whole bevy of men whom I could pick up any given weekend, any one of which would make a seamless replacement for my husband.  You know–the guys standing around the entrance looking eager to drain your septic tank or caulk your tub or unscrew your pickle jars, depending on your going rate?

Anyway, readers, after three days of toil and sweat–not mine, of course–I present to you…ROME!


(Rome will be complete with a slide, swings, climbing walls, etc., shortly but give my husband a break already.  Rome wasn’t built in a 3-day weekend, you know!)

Heartburn-inducing pizza (for him)
Freezer-burned garden burgers (for her)
Potato salad (for both)
Raspberry lemon bars that I’m totally excited about–thanks Kristen!

*If you’re reading this, Kevin’s sister’s boyfriend, just PROPOSE already so I can write BIL instead and save everyone the confusion!  Okay??!

10 thoughts on “I heart Kevin

  1. Rome wasn’t built in a three day weekend *GUFFAW* (LOL is so yesterday).

    An EXCELLENT playground. My kids will be at your house tomorrow at 7 AM to see if it can withstand forces of nature.

  2. YES! Technically my post was entered first, sorry Jennifer, the play date is MINE! But we don’t get up before 8:30AM in my house, so you can have that first hour and a half if you’d like. You’re welcome.

  3. Awesome playground, I love the retaining wall. BTW, it is a little known fact that husbands have a secret supply of renewable project energy which I suspect is methane based ;-), so don’t worry.

  4. Did you people not read thoroughly? There are NO SWINGS and NO SLIDE and NO CLIMBING THINGS yet.

    Aw forget it. Brings your kids over; Vincenzo and I will be at a local McDonald’s playland.

  5. First of all, amazing progress! I’m so impressed that anybody could tame that ravine, let alone my ridiculous cousin (love ya Kev!).

    Secondly (and really, let’s be honest, the more important part), Rachel I couldn’t agree with you more about the BIL comment!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Vicky beats Wendy to it all hell might break loose…

  6. Andrea, do you read comments? If so, send me your e-mail. I lost it AND I can’t sign into your blog anymore. Two coincidences? Or is this just another plot the aliens dreamed up to destroy our friendship?

  7. Now I want a ravine. ERIIIIIIC!!!! Eeeeerrriiccccccc……. ERIC! I WANT A RAVINE!!! Wah wah whine wah wine (typo, but leaving it).

    A couple more months of that, and I’ll either have a ravine playground, or I’ll be at your door, kicked out of my own home, hoping to move into the little part of the playground equipment with the roof. Keep it open, just in case.

  8. May sound trite, but I like what you’ve done with the place! I can only imagine the fun that Vincenzo’s going to have pretending the swing is a lasso or whatever crazy thing he’ll come up with!

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