A week in the life of MrsMouthy

QUICKIE: Vincenzo told Grammy yesterday that Daddy is “very, very old” but Mommy is “pretty young.”  Is it still Mother’s Day?
1.  A conversation between me and K, while he was driving:

Me: Someone I know got a migraine in her eye today.
K: Oh, you mean an “eyegraine?”  Ha ha ha…
[sound of squealing brakes as K nearly rear-ends someone]
K: Sorry; I don’t drive as well when I’m so incredibly funny.  The cognitive power it takes to achieve that kind of funny is just too much.
Me: Now you understand why I’m such a lousy driver.
K: You’re funny.
Me: I know.

2.  I’ve discovered a way to get Vincenzo to do art projects: Insert the word “turtle” into the name of the art project, and he signs himself up!

Turtle Island (summer):


Turtle Island (winter):


Turtle Party Hat (he even let me take his picture for this one–so long as he was allowed to hold a blue pipe in front of his face for protection)


Whole new doors are opening with Vincenzo’s renewed interest in art.  I’m thinking today we’ll do a study in Turtle Pointillism and maybe dabble in Turtle Cubism over the weekend?

3.  I gave Vincenzo some cherries yesterday with a bowl to spit pits in.  I looked over and noticed he wasn’t using the bowl–his pits were piled up on the table–so I reminded him about the bowl.  When I looked over a few seconds later, he was taking each of the pits from the table, putting it back in his mouth, and spitting it in the bowl.  Smart a**.

4.  Clyde, wishing you a Happy Memorial Day weekend:


Wolfgang Puck’s breadsticks
Grilled raddicchio and Roquefort pasta salad
Verduri al forno
Corn on the cob
Cherry charlottes

4 thoughts on “A week in the life of MrsMouthy

  1. I now know never to get in a car with you….if humor is related to driving skill, you must certainly be the worst driver out there.

  2. Rachel- be sure to send me hotmail the next time you get on the road, including a travel plan. I’d like to be as far away as possible. Nice picture of Clyde.

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