Love lives!

QUICKIE:  Vincenzo: “I am NOT happy.  And I do NOT like mommies.”
Thank you one and all for your date night suggestions.  I now realize you are all sorrier than me.  Your ideas included:

1.  Playing Bingo with old people: intriguing, but where would a young couple like us find a group of able-bodied old people to play with?
2. Popping Kevin’s blackheads in bed: just thinking about this gave our love life an irreversible blow
3.  Going to the spa for separate massages (i.e. paying other people to touch our naked bodies): if I weren’t so friggin’ nauseous, this would be a great idea
4.  Building a fort and cozying up inside with lots of pillows.  This also would be a great idea if you didn’t already spend your day doing this with all the cushions and pillows in your house:

6AM: Kevin wakes up on “Second Bed”


9AM: Throw all pillows/cushions in house down one flight of stairs to build Jump Planet for Turtles and Anybody (concept created and coined by Vincenzo)


2:00: Haul cushions/pillows back up so I can watch TV or blog during naptime:


4:30: Lug cushions down 2 flights of stairs to build Turtle Island:


9:00: Back upstairs to build Second Bed again.


So thanks, Casey, but we decided to give the pillows, cushions, and ourselves a night off this week.

As it was, I did not make Kevin wash the windows for date night.  Instead we went out for a lovely dinner, after which he mowed the lawn, moved all the furniture downstairs to spray for cat pee (AGAIN), and straightened the living room while I ate Creamsicles and took pictures of our couch.  It was slightly reminiscent of a date we went on in our first year together that began with Kevin scrubbing cat poo off all the carpets in my apartment while I ate a bowl of Cocoa Puffs and made calls to the vet.

See?  We still got it!


8 thoughts on “Love lives!

  1. That is freakin’ hilarious!!!! Thanks for making me smile this morning!

  2. Spraying for cat pee, if that isn’t sexay I don’t know what is. Seriously, you two got it goin’ on!

  3. Best thing ever:
    Me misreading the first caption as, “Kevin waking up on second BASE.” LOL I was closely scrutinizing the pic to find his hands and to remember the order of the bases. ROFLMAO

  4. Casey–First, SHAME on you for not checking my blog the day I posted this. Second–glad I finally made someone ROFLHAO. I always knew I had it in me.

  5. well – technically, I was the one that made me ROFLMAO. You missed the opportunity… :0)

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