Does anyone remember how to date?

QUICKIE: One of my friends, on swelling during pregnancy: “You plump when you cook ’em!”
Kevin and I have a date on Wednesday (Vincenzo has an overnight at Grammy’s) and I’m scared.  I can’t remember what people do on dates!  I keep trying to plan this one, but all I’ve come up with is watching Dancing with the Stars while Kevin washes all the windows, then me watching Gossip Girl reruns while Kevin builds a retaining wall in the ravine.  Maybe afterwards I’ll invite him to sleep in the bed instead of on the couch.  It is date night, after all.

Can anyone help us out?  Keep in mind I’m nauseous, irritable, and exhausted…and Kevin?  Really loves washing windows.

Vinegar grilled potatoes
Orange-glazed carrots

5 thoughts on “Does anyone remember how to date?

  1. We just had our own date night on Saturday, and we realized it had been the first one AT LEAST since Harrison was born, 14 months ago. We played Bingo with old people. HOTT.

  2. I lost my interest in dating when I realized I was just as happy watching TV in bed while popping Jeff’s blackheads. Awesome.

  3. Renee- bingo..hee hee! That was really funny.

    Keiko- I’m so glad that Tim and I aren’t the only ones have experience the whole mutual popping of blackheads thing – I feel so less alone.

    Rachel- We try to have a date night every so often, but we usually wind up going to the movies, which means no talking, no touching, no significant interaction for 2+ hours. Or we go to the spa separately, and let someone else touch us for an hour. I wonder what that means…

  4. Okay, stop looking elsewhere because I have the PERFECT date night. First you build a fort in the living room. In the winter we would build so that one side came down from over the fire place wall so that we could camp by the fire (probably a hazard but still fun) but this time of year and in your condition you could build it coming down from the wall that you have your tv on. Push pins in the wall and dining room chairs with sheets – think old school. Then inside you have lots of pillows, delicious food (we usually have lots of cheese and crab…), some sparkling cider, etc. Then you can just cozy up, relax and watch all the shows mentioned above, doze off, or chat. It really is fabulous and the building of the fort is half the fun.

    There you have it. The perfect night ala Casey.

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