Cat 4 Sale

QUICKIE: Vincenzo: “We are the most famous ninja turtles in the UPS!!!!!!”
Just an update on Clyde’s fecal sample: I did manage to get one yesterday.  I got it by scraping cat poo off my son’s foot when he stepped in the pile Clyde left under his art table.  This cat is KILLING me.  He’s already peed in the basement and we may need to recarpet. 

Have I ever once pooped on his scratching post?  Have I ever once peed on his sock collection?  No.  Not once.

But I’m thinking about it.

Salad with salmon and raspberries
Carrots with mint

5 thoughts on “Cat 4 Sale

  1. Best advice I’ve seen is to use vinegar. You pour it on thick in his spot. Rub it in & mop up what you can. The whole place smells like vinegar for a couple of days. But when it’s gone either you’ve lost your sense of smell, or the cat odor is gone.

    This, of course, only works if he’s a once in a while carpet pee-er (Peer?). If its all the time…well, you’ve got a problem that won’t be solved by replacing the carpet.

  2. Dan: By recommending I pour vinegar in “his spot,” you’re not talking about Clyde’s bunghole, are you?

  3. The UPS wishes that they were as cool as Vincenzo.

    Clyde Clyde Clyde… what to do with a Clyde. Does he still have his kitty manhood? If he doesn’t… well there you go. Cat rage.

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