MrsMouthy gets catty

Kevin: Try some chicken, Vincenzo.  It’s really good.”
V: No thanks.
Kevin: You’ll like it!
V: No thanks.
Kevin: It’s possibly the best chicken I’ve ever tasted.
V: Then why don’t you have it, Daddy?
Clydey Clyde had his annual vet appointment this week and I brought in a fecal sample so they could test it or fling it or whatever it is vets do with cat poo. I paid $40 to leave Clyde’s poo at the vet.  By the time I got home there was a message on my machine saying I had dropped off a bag full of number one, not of number two.  So essentially I paid the vet $40 to identify a substance as cat pee.  Cat owner epic fail.

I asked the vet about Clyde’s butt-licking problem so she took a good look at his keester and said it all looked pretty normal.  All I can deduce about Clyde’s licking problem, then, is that he does it because it likes the way it tastes.  I guess that’s just what happens when you’re fed cat food out of a grimy bowl on the ground all day.  C’est la cat vie.

Salmon with dill yogurt
Baked potatoes
Broccoli with cheese sauce

5 thoughts on “MrsMouthy gets catty

  1. If your buddy Clyde didn’t lick his butt he’d have a dirty hole and smell like poop all the time. Maybe he’s just obsessed with cleanliness like those people who wash their hands all the time.

  2. That is NOT all cat hair. Because that would mean that you actually save the cat hair somewhere…and that would worry me. a lot.

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