Mom’s Day, my way

QUICKIE: Vincenzo to me: “Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  That means you get to cook all day!!”
A couple incidents from the weekend that can neither be overlooked nor forgotten:

1. I sent Vincenzo to his aunt’s house for a few hours and he came back wearing not only her t-shirt but also her underwear.  My parenting handbook surprisingly neglects this topic, so I’m not sure where to go from here…

2. My family came over for Mother’s Day and by the end of the afternoon we had whipped out the Nads and removed neck hair from several of the men in the room.  I am consequently very worried for Father’s Day.

3. My mom gave me and the other moms present each a card for Mother’s Day.  We opened them together, said thank-you, and as we were tucking them into our purses this conversation pursued:

Me: Thanks Mom.  It was enough that you just thought to give me a card; you didn’t need to stick $1,000 in it.
Everyone else: [raucous laughter]
Me: What?  What’s everyone laughing at?  Oh–didn’t Mom give you $1,000?
My BIL (whose name, coincidentally, is Bill): No.  I’m laughing because she gave us $1,500.
Me: I hate you.

Don’t look at me!  But here was our Mom’s Day menu:

Grilled eggplant with balsamic vinegar and feta on toasts
Chilled cucumber soup with baby beets
Basmati stuffed peppers and tomatoes
Beef kebabs with cilantro and mint
Fruit and date platter
Bread and cheese (for the guys)
Rhubarb tart with lemon mousse
Lemon sandwich cookies
Double chocolate brownies
Some other awesome desserts my MIL made, but I forgot their names.

Thanks for all the help, family!

8 thoughts on “Mom’s Day, my way

  1. #1- I’ve sent my nephews home to their mom in the same outfit. I can’t tell you why….its part of the Nephew/Aunt secret society.

  2. 1. At least Vincenzo was wearing underpants.
    2. What family get together is complete without hair removal? In our family it is usually siblings getting into a fight and pulling out hair. At least your family used Nads- much more civilized. I am looking forward to see what happens on father’s day.
    3. Card- what card? I’m jealous.

    James muttered Happy Mother’s day under extreem duress, after getting in trouble for having a fit over not wanting to pick out a t-shirt. I did get a break when we went to see a movie, but otherwise he was a pill most of the day. I don’t know why I keep expecting some sort of break on mother’s day but darn it, he chose a great day to start pushing my buttons.

  3. No too shabby I must say. Erik had a vasectomy on Saturday for my Mother’s Day gift. Madison wished me “Happy Other Mother’s Day” (Other Mothers is the childrens resale store I apparently over visit) and I inadvertantly (sp?) conveyed to Madison that Mother’s Day is a special day for mommies to relax and eat cheese. So after pulling out a pile of books to read that night she asked if I would read to her – adding on, “It’s okay Mommy, you could bring some cheese upstairs.”

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