Feeling poopy

QUICKIE: Vincenzo, after a session on the toilet: “That’s a big poop.”  Me: *sounds of agreement*  Vincenzo: “That’s a mommy-sized poop!”
So my cat has this problem with dingleberries.  A week ago I found what looked like another cat dingle on my floor, but upon tasting it found it to be, in fact, a Cocoa Puff.  It was quite a pleasant surprise.

Here’s the challenge for you, readers: which one of these would you eat and which one would you toss?

Option A:


Option B:


P.S. It frightens me that I’ve actually opened a picture of cat poo in my photo editing program so that I could adjust the lighting and shadows.

Out again!

15 thoughts on “Feeling poopy

  1. I’ll take your “Clicking Katy” into consideration. It’s got a nice “cheap” ring to it. Love it!

  2. So, um, you thought it was a cat poop and you ate it? Just clarifying. And I am glad you were “pleasantly suprised,” although if it had been cat poop you would have totally deserved it.

  3. A or B you are sick…
    for the record, did you actually touch cat poop for a photo?

  4. Option A is the Cocoa Puff – Let’s hope I am right since I eat them on a semiregular basis at home – otherwise someone should probably come examine my breakfast.

  5. Suzanne: No, I didn’t touch cat poo. There were many rubber gloves, tissues, and carpet cleaners involved.

  6. I will never be able to eat Cocoa Puffs again for fear that someone slipped a dingleberry into my cereal.

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