What has two lips and goes "enh enh?"**

QUICKIE: Vincenzo’s pirate class is really paying off.  He now refers to a certain rectangular, hard candy as “Jolly Rogers.”
We went to the tulip festival about an hour away this weekend.  I loved it; Kevin hated it; Vincenzo thought it was a total bust.  It’s not entirely the Tulip Festival’s fault.  On the way up there, Vincenzo asked, “So are we going to see lots of tools at the Tool Festival?”  We had to have a discussion about the meaning of “major letdown” for the second time this week.*

Oh, there was one bright spot in the day that Vincenzo perked up for.  It was the one segment of the day when he was not saying either “I want to go home now!” or “ENNH!  ENNH!  ENNH!”


What you don’t see is the small crowd of people who stopped short of my camera’s view so that they wouldn’t ruin my picture of the honeybucket truck.

Being the terribly misguided parent that I am, I thought it would be nice to get a nice picture of my son with the tulips.  Vincenzo acted like his soul was being stolen.  I tried to fake him out by telling him I was taking pictures of the flowers, but his soul could sense what was happening and he took preventative measures:


Oh well; at least it’s a nice picture of my husband’s crotch.  What gets me is that I saw tons of other families and kids there, and their kids were all standing among the tulips, smiling and frolicking.  What gives?

Anyway, at least the tulips don’t harbor the same levels of resentment and anger toward me that will later show up in relationship problems and unhealthy methods of self-medication.



Out to Thai Ginger

*The first discussion came after we asked Vincenzo if he wanted to walk through the forest near our house.  He was giddy with excitement, and I was so happy that he was showing some interest in the outdoors.  All the way there he kept talking about rollercoasters, and 100 yards into the forest it was obvious this was not what he signed up for.  Turns out he was thinking we were going to an amusement park called Enchanted Forest that’s about an hour from our house and which we pointed out to him once, a year ago.

**Please tell me you get the title now?  It took a lot out of me to think of that.

7 thoughts on “What has two lips and goes "enh enh?"**

  1. Too funny! I have wanted to go to the Tulip Festival for years and have never made it up there. There are a few things that you can’t make kids do….going potty, eating and smiling for pictures. It is a great picture anyway. I have this picture of me when I was a kid pouting on the sidewalk. My Mom still takes it out when I come over. 🙂

  2. Um … wow … sounds like a RIP-ROARING time!

    Wish I could have joined your family enjoying all that the Tulip Festival has to offer!

    BTW … that picture of V covering his eyes is PRICELESS!! I may keep coming back to your blog just to look at it occationally.


  3. no romping in the flowers for him? man…that bites.

    oh and ummm, I think once you mentioned possibly being in my neck of the woods…..but I don’t think we followed up on it..or I might be crazy, and it never came up….but now I’m wondering…..

    email me.

  4. Sorry if this is a duplicate- I’m having trouble with comments today.

    Is not wanting to have a picture taken a mandatory phase, or are Vincenzo and James just psychically linked? James acts like a cranky star being stalked by the paparazi these days.

    We took James to the Tulip Festival when he was about 15 months, he loved it then, but he wouldn’t feel the same today. If the tulips had guns or swords hidden in their petals, shot laser beams, or randomly exploded, he might tolerate the whole thing.

  5. Jealous!

    (Of the beautiful flowers, not of the whiny bebe or your husband’s crotch.)

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