Got milk?

QUICKIE: When the babysitter came over this week, I saw Vincenzo hold out an imaginary piece of paper and tell him, “Here are the directions on how to play the turtle game.”
Thank you all for your warm sentiments yesterday.  I had been expecting it to be a fun, cheerful day of celebration because that’s how things usually go with Angelo, so I was surprised when I kept busting into tears throughout the day.  I have no problem with crying so it didn’t bother me.  It actually felt good to know that I’m still in touch enough with my baby I can recall all the emotions of his life and death along with the events of them.

After Angelo was born, I forewent pain killers in order to pump and donate milk to a lactation center.  They later sent me this lovely thank-you gift:


And I thought I had a warped sense of humor!  It reminds me of Vincenzo’s first birthday, themed “Vincenzo’s favorites.”  As he was a boob junkie at the time, I made a tres leches cake for dessert–and I didn’t tell a soul was the third milk was.

Teriyaki chicken with peanut dipping sauce
Lemony angel food cake with berry compote

6 thoughts on “Got milk?

  1. um, weird. That was me, Renee who wrote that. I guess I was signed into wordpress and didn’t know it.

  2. This post was funny as all get out, emotional, and a little weird. I will always try to visit you on days when I am emotionally stable and can handle it 🙂

    I wouldn’t take anything for having breast fed my kids years ago but wow, do I hate my soggy sock boobs.

  3. Jennifer with a capital J: No worries; I have to confess that the third milk was nothing special–just plain old sweetened condensed milk. But who wants to read a blog about that?

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