Pee wee pirates

QUICKIE: Me to V: “Please close the door after you come in.”  V: “Okay Mom, but why do you make me do all this work around here?”
Our city is the greatest.  I feel badly for once making fun of the classes it offers.  This spring, Vincenzo is actually signed up for “Pee-wee Pirates” class.  I love it!  He loves it!  Last week they got to choose a pirate name, make pirate hats, and yell “ARRRRR” at each other.  Vincenzo was distracted enough to DECORATE his OWN pirate hat!!!  That’s an ART PROJECT, folks!  Then the pirate kids captured all the parents and tied them to chairs.  Naturally.

When he’s not at pirates class, Vincenzo says things like: “Mommy, I don’t think pirates use pillows when they sleep.  Their hooks would poke holes in them.”  He sets up Noah (as in Noah’s ark Noah) as head pirate in the paper boat he made at class this week, then Noah and his invisible pirates relentlessly encroach on my own ship (a popcorn car driven by Big Bird).  When my evasive maneuvers prove futile, Big Bird invites all the pirates aboard for a surprise birthday party.  There is much rejoicing.

The only problem is that there happen to be some real pirates in Somalia who keep capturing crews and either plundering their countries for money or killing the crew members.  For real.  It feels kind of wrong to be teaching our kids how to play pirates.  It makes me worried that the city’s summer catalog is going to unveil a “Tiny Terrorists” class next.  Or “Rambunctious Racists” or something.

We just might have to take summer quarter off.  Unless, of course, if the Tiny Terrorists class offered art projects…

Chicken salad pitas
Tomato and roasted red pepper soup
Fruited rice

4 thoughts on “Pee wee pirates

  1. Rachel-
    Weirdest thing happened the other night. I went out to dinner with some girls from St.Brendan’s. Somehow your blog came up and Suzanne Jez told me that she read it, too. I was like wow – this girl’s blog is really popular. Then Suzanne told me who you were! I couldn’t believe that all this time I just figured you were some random lady writing a blog. Now I know it is you – Rachel Gaines!!! Funny, I never put two and two together. What a dork I am. I have been reading your blog for over a year now and I LOVE it!!! You are too funny. Keep blogging!!!!!

  2. That sounds totally up Vincenzo’s alley with the make-believe, but it did make me question it a little just like you did. Still, pirates are cool (at least the Johnny Depp kind).

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