More pointless than usual

QUICKIE: Vincenzo, out of the blue: “Daddy, you look a lot like Mommy!”
Five Things I Can’t Tie Together but Which May Make You Smile:

1.  Vincenzo now prefers to be referred to as Fighting Flying Doctor Ninja Turtle. 

2.  Kevin walked in the house after work and said to hold dinner for five minutes because he “had a couple turtle heads poking out.”  Then he disappeared into the bathroom.  I’m not sure what this means in lieu of my son’s own identification with turtles.

3.  When I put Vincenzo down for a nap today he instructed me to play doctor while he slept.  He’s actually outsourcing his playing now.

4.  I’m very strict about no guns or violence in the house (if you remember, we call them “shooters” and they usually expel marshmallows or pudding).  Yet I actually taught Vincenzo how to pretend-saw Kevin’s head off with a sword last week and now sawing off body parts is a source of much glee.  And for some reason, that feels okay.

5.  When I look up “corned beef” in my recipe book, it takes two lines to tell me “Refer to beef–corned” instead of just telling me it’s on page 211.   I don’t know why it has to get so passive-aggressive on me.

Lime cilantro burgers
Potato salad
Grilled mushrooms with pancetta
Salad with blue cheese and apples

8 thoughts on “More pointless than usual

  1. Work is making me grit my teeth and glower, I so need a little bit of funny to lighten my crappy mood. Thanks

  2. Hahaha 🙂 I love it!!

    Why is it that men always seem to feel the need to announce whatever it is they have going on in the bathroom? Ugh.

  3. I think #4 points to the fact that you prefer old-fashioned violence. Killing/dismembering with swords is much older than the same with guns…

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