Y oh Y am I still trying?

QUICKIE: Vincenzo, watching my bath water drain out: “MOMMY!  PART OF YOUR BOOBY IS WASHING DOWN THE DRAIN!”
I had fun learning all about the letter Y this week.  Really–I would eat entirely yellow meals, watch yak videos on YouTube, and shout “yahoo” at everyone I saw even if I didn’t have a completely disinterested child to do it all for.

I catered the art project to Vincenzo this week, who loves taking pictures of things.  So I gave him the camera and told him to go around the house taking pictures of yellow things.  “No thanks!” he said.  It reminded me of when he was a baby and I hid creamed peas below the yogurt on his spoon.  He fell for that exactly one time and after that, he wouldn’t eat creamed peas OR yogurt.  It’s the same with art projects.  No matter how I package it and no matter how much yogurt I stick it under, he spits it out before even biting.

Anyway, I refused to quit the ABC activities so close to the end so I went around the house taking pictures of yellow things.  When I popped them up on the computer screen, you know what Vincenzo did?  He asked for the camera.  I gave it to him and he snapped a picture of all the yellow photos on the computer screen.  “There!” he said.  “I took one picture and it has LOTS of yellow things in it!” 

The stinker.  When did he turn 13?

Here’s the final project.  But people, this is bad.  I’m already doing my son’s homework for him, and his teacher totally knows it!  I just hope it doesn’t affect my–er, his–grade.


Vesuvio chicken
Mushroom and rice noodle salad

5 thoughts on “Y oh Y am I still trying?

  1. I think you are ready for him to start school. Seriously, the second graders had to “invent” something using simple machines. One kid built a working gumball machine. Yeah, your dad didn’t help you with that at all (and, in case my kids ask which they do after everything I say now a days, yes, that was sarcastic.)

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