It’s a boy thing

QUICKIE: Me to Vincenzo: “We’re just going to kill some time at the grocery store.”  V: “How about we keep some time alive?”  (He went on to tell me we could keep it alive by putting everything he wants in the grocery cart.)

1.  One of our top name ideas for girls was McRuby (it’s a long story)
2.  We don’t need to think about how to transform the firetruck bed into a pink Barbie hot tub party bus
3.  There’s only room for one diva in our house, and that role is already taken, thank you.  (No, not me; it’s Vincenzo.)

The only annoying thing is that Kevin keeps bragging to everyone about how he’s got so much testosterone running through his veins that he’s incapable of producing a girl.  My take is that it’s more a lack of sensitivity than an overflow of testosterone.

Butternut squash risotto
Nicoise salad

or: Costco dogs

3 thoughts on “It’s a boy thing

  1. Sounds like you’ll be having a ball being the only girl in the house. 🙂

    hope the costco dogs were good. tee hee

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