It’s better to receive than to give

QUICKIE: Vincenzo was passing out pretend squirt guns and he gave me two, explaining, “…because Mommy is special because she says ‘I love you’ every day.'”
People who know us personally are the luckiest people in the world, especially when it comes to receiving our gifts.  If you’ll remember, there was a Build-a-Clyde kit for my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday. 

clyde kit

And you haven’t forgotten my sports calendar for Kevin this year. 


Then there was the Christmas when we created our own company and offered my sister a free hour of service on her broken sink:

michelle christmas3 

And now, now, we’ve put together this little somethin’-somethin’ for our bro-in-law:

bill's gift 09

I know you are all wishing your name were Bill right now.  Or that you had gotten us something for Christmas.  Well chances are it’s not and you didn’t.  And now that you know what you’re missing, chances are your life feels rather empty.  Sorry ’bout that.

Food other people cooks for us

6 thoughts on “It’s better to receive than to give

  1. oh my word….your little V is hilarious. I am dying about how special you are.

    oh and it appears….hubby is pretty “special” too. tee hee

  2. Now that’s the kind of dinner I’m talking about!! And who wouldn’t want a silver suited KFed hanging around for a whole day? You guys are way too generous.

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