QUICKIE: Vincenzo, playing a robot game with Kevin in which he destroys the robots by squirting pretend water at them:: “Let’s squirt Daddy in his cracks!  Look!  There’s a big crack in the back of him!”
I’m working on a Valentine’s scrapbook page and can’t decide between these two background options.  I still have embellishments to add, but you get the general idea.



(This one didn’t show up very well, but it’s a mottled green color with pink rose petals)


So…which one should I go with?  Two things you should know before you vote:

1.  I already know which one I really, really, really want it to be, so you better not mess up
2.  If fewer than 5 people comment by Monday at 5PM, expect some green poo pictures in the future.  The very near future.

California rolls (thanks Kev!)
Eggs with corned beef and cheese
Lemon sandwich cookies (if you make one kind of cookie in your life that’s not chocolate chip, it should be these!)

14 thoughts on “HALP!!

  1. So is this a project that is late for 2009, or are you making something for Valentine’s Day 2010, in which case, does this also mean that you already have all your Christmas shopping done for this year as well?

    …and dammit, I can’t decide – I like them both for different reasons.

  2. I like both, yet I would pick the first one only for the hearts.

    Hopefully at least 5 people will be voting 🙂

  3. Love both. For just a soft spring kind of page I’d go with #2 but since this is for Valentine’s Day, I’d go with #1 and I agree that the darker background really makes the pictures pop and more of the focus. 🙂

  4. #1 – better contast and focus on pics. If that wasn’t your choice than I’m sorry to tell you that you were wrong.

  5. I like the first one! The pictures stand out more and the rose petals on the other one give it a romantic feel which you may not be going for….or maybe you are??

  6. I like the first one – but it depends on the look of the rest of the album – a little bit .

  7. So just when I decided that I needed to stop making cookies (because when I make cookies, I eat cookies), you tempt me with this yummy recipe. dams.

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