I’m a little leprechaun

QUICKIE: Yesterday I asked Vincenzo if he wanted to go find his buddies who had come to play.  He disappeared, then came back a minute later.  “I found them.  They were upstairs.” *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
Oh man oh man oh man I’m SOOOOOO tempted to posted a picture of bright green poo my son laid in the toilet this morning.  Not greenish poo–GREEN poo.  I really feel this is something the world needs to see.  But!  In a great demonstration of self-control, I will instead post the picture of what my son ate yesterday that presumably led to today’s (g)astronomical event:


(My husband is probably sweating green bullets as he reads this, as I sent him to work with a green donut for breakfast and a matching green bagel for lunch.  I couldn’t resist!)

Baked potatoes with all the fixin’s
Corned beef and cabbage
Green salad with strawberries (a la Jnet)
Green fruit salad (a la Michelle)
Irish soda bread (a la Mom)
Baileys and white chocolate cheesecake

12 thoughts on “I’m a little leprechaun

  1. Thank you for not posting the picture of green poo. I’ve seen that before, anytime J eats cupcakes. Ah, the diverse uses of food colouring.

  2. The Leprechauns used to visit us and leave confetti and green goodies. Now my youngest is 11 (today actually) and I handed him a candy bar and told him the Leprechauns shop at Rite Aid.

    My green poo days are over.

  3. Green Poo is awesome. I wouldn’t have minded a pic! Did you Renee is back? Although I don’t mind having you around. 😉

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