My Jugs

QUICKIE: Vincenzo, in an elevator: “Mom, isn’t this music pretty?”
A week ago Friday I got an idea for an activity using milk jugs, so I started saving the used ones in our house.  Now, it’s true I’m prone to exaggerating and/or completely making things up for the sake of my blog, but I tell you what you’re about to see/read is the truth.

Fact: Kevin has not had a single glass of milk in the past week
Fact: I have not had a single glass of milk in the past week
Fact: Vincenzo is responsible for every empty jug in the following picture


This picture was taken 7 days after I began collecting.  Let’s see…7 days in the week divided by 4 gallons equals…CHRIST IN A SIDECAR!!*  Why did I ever wean him off breast milk?  It’s too expensive to buy 4 gallons of organic milk a week so we buy the regular, but now I’m conflicted because my son seems to be fueled solely by hormone rbST.  (Though that explains why he snaps into violent rages when we run out of bendy straws and why his belly button is beginning to resemble an udder.)

My other issue with Vincenzo’s milk drinking is that he demands his milk warmed up.  I do not like warming milk up, especially since he only drinks out of sippy cups that cannot be put in the microwave.  At the end of every day the dishwasher has no room for real dishes for all the coffee mugs/sippy cups in it, and Mbungo has already developed a twitch from all the time I spend absorbing radioactive waves or whatever it is you absorb when standing in front of the microwave. So I made a plan.

We always warm the milk for 30 seconds.  Tomorrow I’m going to warm it for 29 seconds.  Monday for 28 seconds.  And so on.  Exactly one month from now my son will be drinking cold milk straight from the fridge and we can go back to washing other things like plates in the dishwasher.  If, that is, the experiment doesn’t send Vincenzo into a hormone-induced rage in which he destroys the entire family and all the plates too.

*”Christ in a sidecar” expletive borrowed from Mindy Roberts

Ham and swiss quiche
Tater tots (left over from T week)
Grilled potatoes with blue cheese


Breakfast for dinner

11 thoughts on “My Jugs

  1. I think I am right there with you. Allie likes hers warmed too – that is where Vincanzo got it I think. She will tell me when it is too cold though, so good luck with the second a day thing. I tried that and we got down 3 seconds before she started to complain. Allie drinks at least 4 – 6oz glasses of milk a day plus what she puts on her cereal. I think we average 2 1/2 gallons a week, plus I drink about a gallon a week too. I know I just bought 2 gallons on Wednesday and today it is gone. Sounds like a trip to Costco, but last time I tried Costco milk it burnt my mouth – literally.

  2. holy moley….that is a TON of milk. Sugar Does drink much milk. I think I’m glad for that. Does Vincenzo drink anything else? or just milk?

    I think your plan is AWESOME! can’t wait to hear how it turns out.

  3. I think I’m going to be sick. We haven’t had milk in our house for over 6 years and the thought of it…gotta go.

  4. I think that at this rate Vincenzo should be hitting puberty at about age 6. Good luck with that. :0)

  5. Rachel,

    #3 things…

    1- We too heated milk for YEARS, it is a hard one to break but I too used the less and less time method and it worked…IN THE SUMMER.

    2- Costco milk IS organic, at least according to everyone who works there, it is not sold that way because it has not been enough years for it to be marketed that way…check into it.

    3- The girls went through a TON of milk for a long time and they are heathly active and normal eating/drinking people at 5 and 8.

  6. That’s quite an array of jugs you’ve got there!!

    We have a similar jug situation here and it’s worrying me–WAY too much milk-drinking. I think I need to reign in Pickle’s lust for milk. She’s 2 by the way–you asked on my blog!

  7. The christ in a sidecar comment almost made me snort Lemon Lime Talking Rain out my nose. I decided to be a working mom so that we wounldn’t spend so much on milk, we go through a gallon every 1.5 weeks, we spend our money on daycare instead.

  8. Christ in a sidecar will now be my new favorite phrase, thank you!

    Info about $1 Nordstrom makeup is posted over at my place. And no I don’t work for them and no it’s not a scam. But Christ in a sidecar it is a good deal! (already putting it to use!)

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