Sappy is as sappy does

QUICKIE: Vincenzo, looking down at his hands after a long bath: “MOM, WHEN ARE THESE THINGS GOING TO COME OFF MY FINGERS??!!”
Thank you all for the reality check yesterday.  A few of you mentioned how even though my days feel like Gitmo sometimes, they really are some of the best days of my life.  I need those reminders. 

When it starts to drive me crazy that our living room is cluttered with everything from a basketball hoop to a cardboard box turtle house, I picture my house in 20 years–everything all matchy matchy and with vacuum lines on all the carpets–and it makes me kind of sad. 

Or when I’m trying to take five minutes for myself and do a crossword when I hear, “MOMMY, COME LOOK AT MY POOP!” my first reaction is to wonder WHEN my child will stop being so *#$@*!% NEEDY, until I remind myself that the answer is way too soon.

And when we’re in a parking lots and it’s raining sideways and Vincenzo wants to play in the puddles instead of sprint for the store, I make myself stop pulling his arm and I join the puddle jumping with him.  Because I don’t know how many more years it will be until Vincenzo stops noticing puddles too.

So while I still may not be happy about spending hours sitting in the Panic Room instead of writing novels, or tripping over a fire truck while trying to stir a beurre blanc, or pretending not to be freaked out when Vincenzo puts a worm in my hand, these reminders help me at least smile through it all.  It’s what separates me from the rest of Gitmo.

Lime cilantro hamburgers
Cucumber salad

7 thoughts on “Sappy is as sappy does

  1. Oh the puddle one got me…I am always rushing her out of puddles and snow. Why? Her pants are wet, so what.

  2. I love cucumbers, what kind of recipe are you using??? I too tire of the “Mom come looooooook”, don’t worry, he won’t grow out of that one for AGES.

  3. I like this post. Reminds me to slow down and enjoy each of my son’s stages. (Yes, even the “Mommy! Come see what a large poop I made!” stage.) He’ll be outgrowing this soon enough; he’s getting so big with each passing day. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy him now. 🙂

  4. This morning as I was waking up I turned on the tv to help ease my journey into the world and a commercial was on with a mom kneeling on the floor pretending to be a dragon with a sofa cushion dungeon around her and her 3 year old son wielding a plastic sword at her. The commercial then showed her crawling through the house while her son chased her.
    I thought of you.

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