QUICKIE: Kevin donated blood last weekend.  When he came back home, Vincenzo asked, “Daddy, is your blood all gone now?”
U week was extremely uneventful.  Pretty much all we did was make these umbrellas, and Vincenzo neither did nor said anything blog-worthy the entire time.


Even though I’m feeling considerably better, I’m still nauseous 24-7 and a little blasé about some of my hobbies.  We spend a lot more time at home than usual, and I have to admit it’s incredibly boring at times.  For some reason–and I’m not saying this to be funny but because it’s the honest truth–I find it more intellectually stimulating to sit on the couch doing absolutely nothing than to play with my son.

This morning I came downstairs and Vincenzo was singing “Dead or Alive” into the Rock Band microphone.  Our house rule is no X-Box during the week, but there aren’t any rules about pretending to play X-Box.  Vincenzo set me up with a guitar, which he kept calling a “cantar,” and then he found one of those little blue people from the game of Life.  He ordered me to play my cantar with one hand and help the blue guy play another cantar.  To put it in perspective, the arrow is pointing to the Very Important Tiny Blue Cantar Player.


Every few seconds, Vincenzo looked over to make sure I was strumming fast enough and the blue guy was still being included.  He himself moved onto drums.  But soon that wasn’t enough.  I was ordered to be the notes for his drum line.  He deemed me “orange” and instructed me to walk back and forth in front of the drums, just like the notes on real Rock Band.  Every time he hit the orange drum I was to explode, also as the notes do on Rock Band.  Sound funny to you?  Try it.  Then try it 100 more times.  And find someone to yell at you if you slow down or don’t explode explosively enough.

I’m not sure if this hour of my life was better or worse than the hour Vincenzo made me spend pretending to be an arrow that he shot off all over the yard.  Or the hour I had to pretend to be a fire he was putting out.  Tell me, is there more to life than this?

3 Cheese Twice-Baked Potatoes
Edamame (which spell check would like me to change to “edema”)
Salad with the Usuals

5 thoughts on “S.O.S.

  1. oh the life…isn’t it grand. My hats off to you….playing imagination with a bossy child…..not my things. luckily my girl is at the stage where she spends most of the time just telling me what we are going to do and say, and so on, and never notices that we never get around to doing or saying any of it. She is just into the story telling. whew….it rocks.

  2. No, that is all there is. Then your kids grow up and you realize that those were actually the best days of your life.
    Sorry you feel like crap.

  3. I say kudos to you for doing it…I am pretty sure this might be one of the fundemental differences between girls and boys. As Corey said I have spent years listening to the girls telling me what we are going to do or what we are going to say and we never really actually get around to doing or saying much of anything…and I am fine with it. 😉

  4. Tricia is right on the money, what I wouldn’t give to have a 3 year old in the house again, I really really miss it. This coming from someone who doesn’t typically get sappy…sigh…

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