Terrific Ts

QUICKIE: Just a note from the tulips on my mantel:

Valentine’s Day is over.

Last week was T week and while I had Tons of ideas for activities, all we did was make train sponge paintings and explain over and over that no, arcade does not start with R it starts with A and no, A does not come right after T.  (Seriously, he kept asking both questions.)

Anyway, for the art project I cut sponges into rectangles, circles, and smokestack shapes, then I drew tracks on a paper Vincenzo did the rest.  These are the pictures with his explanations.

Train with smoke coming out of smokestack

Train with broken smokestack and tires flying out of it

Semi-truck in a bad accident

Edumacation.  Do you has it?


7 thoughts on “Terrific Ts

  1. Holey Moley, the last 3 posts came at me so quickly, I could hardly keep up! I love the horrible accident painting, it must have BANGED into something pretty hard.

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