We all can has funny!

QUICKIE: Mom, can I have a milk?  ALL turtles love milk.
So we’ve been working on the cannibal and other home-brewed jokes this weekend.  Kevin and I challenged each other to come up with a joke using Vincenzo’s favorite word, “BANG!”  Here’s what Kevin came up with:

Q: What did the cannibal say when he was eating an arm?
A: Could I have a hand with this?  BANG!

He claimed it was funny because I thought the original joke was funny, and if he added the word BANG to it the joke would still be funny.  Plus, he pointed out, I laughed.  I immediately disqualified it and told him the joke I thought of:

Q: Why did the fire cracker blow up at the end of his opera performance?
A: Because he wanted to go out with a BANG!  Hahahahahahaha.

Vincenzo really took the cake on this one though.  He followed our jokes with one of his own.  There’s some extra dialogue because that’s how jokes go when you’re three.

V’s Q: What did the elephant say when it was BANGING the fireplace?
Me: I don’t know…what?
V: You have to tell me.
Me: Um…this chafes?
V: YES!!!!!  Hahahahahaha!

Chicken Marsala (dinner can’t come soon enough!)
Crab cakes a la Bill
Cucumber Salad
Chocolate Torte a la Michelle

3 thoughts on “We all can has funny!

  1. Welcome back, Rachel, glad to see you are feeling a bit more like your old bad self. I didn’t realiz ehow much I missed What’s cookin’ 2nite.

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