Pollyanna, my good friend

QUICKIE: Grammy asked Vincenzo what he wants to do when he’s big like Daddy and he answered, “Watch bad TV.”
I just realized something this week and I thought I’d share it with you all: I’M NOT DEPRESSED ANYMORE!!!  In a week’s time my depression went to a bad case of the blues to a bad mood to occasional and unpredictable crabbiness, which is, of course, my natural state of being.  I’m back to being completely infatuated with everything Vincenzo; I’ve started doing the dishes and laundry again; I got a pedicure; I made fun of McStreamy; I planned a trip to a wild horse ranch in AZ.  Oh!  And I’ve been COOKING!  Well, grilling anyway.  We’ve had beef with balsamic marinade, mahi mahi with citrus glaze, blue cheese potato salad, and cheesy corn bread, to name a few.  It’s like my days have color again.  And flavor!

I’m still nauseous all the time but the vomity feeling went away, and for the first time in three pregnancies my heartburn has taken a hiatus.  At this point, nausea feels like an old friend.  Welcome back, plain old nausea.  I missed you!

Salad with grilled potatoes and feta
Chicken tortilla casserole a la Mom
Plain old peas

9 thoughts on “Pollyanna, my good friend

  1. Yay!! That is SO exciting! Since I have no history with pregnancy the only thing I can compare it to is when I PMS. The only thing is I NEVER (for some odd reason) realize it’s PMS until I have stopped being such a BEAST. But I am always glad I have returned to my normal self. It’s a much more comfortable fit.

    And how did you make fun of McSteamy might I ask?

    I love that Vincenzo wants to watch bad TV! When I went to bed when I was little, I couldn’t ever sleep, so I would sneak behind my parents and watch whatever they were watching until they caught me!

  2. Does that mean I’m done giving you our leftovers? I’m sure that contributed to your desire to get back to cooking!

  3. Hooray!! 🙂

    I would actually like to know how to make salad with grilled potatoes and feta, so I’m requesting that recipe, too.

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