I can has funny

QUICKIE: Kevin just farted and Vincenzo looked up at me and yelled in self-defense, “I didn’t pull Daddy’s finger–he just did it!”
I invented a joke all on my own last night and you are all lucky because I’m going to share it with you.  Ready?  Here goes. 

Q: What did the cannibal say when he was eating an arm?
A: Can I have a hand with this?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I am not ashamed for writing in my own laugh track.  You can tell me in the comments if you think this joke is A) hilarious or B) the MOST hilarious joke you’ve EVER heard.  I eagerly await your responses.

4 thoughts on “I can has funny

  1. So hilarious, I am calling my husband to tell it to him. I may even illustrate the scene and turn it into a Valentine’s Day card for him.

  2. I think the funniest thing is that you underlined hand, just in case we didn’t get it! hahahahahaha

    But yes my friend, funny! I am impressed by your witty-ness!

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