Does God read blogs?

QUICKIE: …and the winner of the bridesmaid dress guess is…

SUZANNE!  She was the only one to guess that the birkenstock-wearing, tree-hugging, wailing-wall visiting MCSTREAMY was the one in the flowery dress and patent leather shoes–though I’m sure Casey must have been flattered by all the votes.  Suzanne, I’ll send you the chocolate chip cookie recipe and since I happen to know you, I’ll also make you a batch at your mom’s.  Promise!
In other news, we’ve been looking into preschools for Vincenzo.  We decided to start by looking at the Catholic preschool at our church because “we’re Catholic.”  Because “we’re” Catholic?  Because we’re “Catholic?”  Each of those is correct in its own special way.  From what I’ve seen of preschools and open houses so far, I’ve learned one thing: Kevin and I clearly are not ready to be parents yet.

At the Catholic open house, the speaker read this long prayer and a bunch of stanzas started with, “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph…”  I gigged every time thinking how if I were reading the prayer, I would read it like this: “JESUS, MARY AND JOSEPH!” (Irish accent optional).  Still, it’s not as bad as my train of thought last week at church when I couldn’t stop thinking that it would be more appropriate to represent Jesus’ body with steak instead of a wafer at communion.  Think about it.

Then we learned that preschool priority is given based on when the parents registered as members of the church.  Kevin wanted to go around asking everyone when they registered with the church and telling them our date was one month ahead of theirs.  Fortunately, he had grabbed a huge pocketful of cookies from the refreshment table and was too occupied with eating them to implement his plan.

Then we saw that the preschool paperwork was three pages long, and included questions about our Stewardship Pledge Card.  Um, I dunno…is that like a Fred Meyer Rewards card?  Because I have one of those!  The application also required a copy of Vincenzo’s birth certificate.  Kevin and I both gave each other a look that said, “Uh…did you remember to order that?”  Then we shrugged and went back to scratching our names into the desks we were at.

We still hadn’t made up our minds about the Catholic school though until we got wind of a Presbyterian church nearby.  Let me note that neither of us is Presbyterian or has any idea what Presbyterianism is about.  Let me also note that the Presbyterian preschool is $40 cheaper per month AND doesn’t give a holy crap if you’re registered with their church AND their paperwork is half a page long. 

SOLD to the immature looking couple in the second pew!

6 thoughts on “Does God read blogs?

  1. Rachel, I love your blog! Well, all I know is that no preschool (Presbyterian, Catholic or otherwise) is going to even compare with the lesson plans that you put together for Vincenzo!

    P.S. – If you see Wendy soon, please give her a big hug for me (since I can’t do that over the phone or e-mail). I had so much fun seeing her over the holidays.

  2. OMG! I am so excited to have WON something for once in my life. It was great to talk to you today and I look forward to cookies on monday.

    As for preschools, it sucks doesn’t it, I remember having the same feelings of we are so not ready for all of this…the birth certificate cme in the nick of time BTW…Lastly as I ramble, have you checked out a Lutheran preschool? They do a great job AND pretty much almost kinda follow Cathollic teachings (and they are pretty cheap)

  3. Thank you everyone for the votes – it is always good to see my name published for any reason.

    When are you planning on enrolling Vincenzo? After we got off the phone it clicked that you said something about preschool open house and I had forgotten to ask.

  4. It isn’t really funny when I can relate to the sad truth of it all…anyway…another popular choice with many parishoners is St. John’s…I have heard it’s cheaper! That way you can stop by Starbucks on the way every day!!

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