S is (also for) Slackers

QUICKIE: Vincenzo to Abby: “Do you have a panic room in your house?  If you don’t, you should.”
Anyone who lives within 50 miles of us has us to thank for the sun last week, as we willed it out by studying the letter S.  (But the sleet on Saturday and the snow on Sunday?  TOTALLY not us.)

We used yellow food coloring, coffee filters, and an eye dropper to make these suns.


Then we decided to make sock puppets, but as I find activities involving a needle and thread somewhere between frustrating and infuriating, we outsourced to my sister.  I don’t have any pictures to post because Vincenzo traded Piggy Puppet for a shiny, gold pom-pom and shortly after that Snake-Pretending-to-be-Turtle Puppet disappeared.  Probably out of embarrassment.

We also took advantage of our warm weather to plant these seeds!


The packages say it takes 8-10 days to sprout, but as my seeds sprouted in 4 days I am now under the belief that I am some kind of miracle worker who makes things grow faster.  Which makes me incredibly excited about this one other seed I’m growing. 


What do you think–do I look like someone who might deliver a fully cooked baby in a month and a half?

I’ll announce the 80s bridesmaid winner tomorrow, so vote if you haven’t yet!

8 thoughts on “S is (also for) Slackers

  1. If you could make that seed sproat in a month and a half that would be awesome. But then you could have a house full of babies within a year.

  2. As a side note – I am saddened for myself that you look much more trim and toned in your belly shot than I do now and my seed has been out over 3 months.

    But I do seem to have the knack for growing babies much more quickly than most so I’ll see what I can do for Mbunga (did I get that right?).

  3. Seriously? You call that a baby bump? Maybe the lighting is bad. My belly looks bigger than that, and my BABY has been out for 9 flippin’ years. Put some Big Macs under your shirt for gods sake.

  4. I have to agree with Andrea. If you look ready to pop in a month and a half, then I look like I’ll pop tomorrow (and I still have 5 months to go)!

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