Lucky Us

QUICKIE: We were playing Hungry Hippos today and Vincenzo noticed the name on his hippo.  He spelled out “H-O-M-E-R” and asked what it meant.  When I told him, he answered, “I’m going to pretend it spells ‘I Get All the Marbles.'”
I’ve been feeling good enough to eat out lately (vs. having 8 pieces of toast and butter for dinner at 4PM), so the other day we hit up a Chinese restaurant.  The whole point of Chinese, of course, is fortune cookies.  In our younger, flirtatious days Kevin and I would each crumple up our fortunes and hide them somewhere on our person for the other one to later find.  Don’t worry, Mom; I always stuck mine in my ear and Kevin always went for his hair.  On his head.  The head on his shoulders.  Hey Mom, isn’t Cisco on TV right now?

Anyway, we have a young one now so we just do what everyone else does with their fortunes and add the words “in bed” to the end.  I went first.


Kevin asked what it said and I translated the heart of the message, which was, “You are forever relieved of your conjugal obligations in bed.”  I added that we should go out for Chinese food more often.

Kevin opened his fortune next:


(In bed), which is great because I’ve heard it’s quite a lucrative business.  Plus, Kevin would love to give the greater world a shot of “Vitamin K.”  His words, not mine. 

I’m a little worried about Vincenzo though.


We just told him it said he was going to acquire a whole lot of superballs from quarter machines over the next few years.  He didn’t suspect anything different, even when we made him put his last quarter in Buddha’s hand on the way out.  Luck and fortunes?  Screw that.  It’s all about the Karma, baby.

6 thoughts on “Lucky Us

  1. i have just recently become a fan of chinese food…i think maybe sidnei and i will have to go out for chinese when he gets home…

  2. Vitamin K? The fact that he has thought about this and actually has a name adds a whole new layer to my image of “Rachel and Kevin”. Can I call him that when we meet for the first time?

  3. Rachel- Thanks for dropping by my blog the other day and leaving a comment. I haven’t been posting at all because work has me completely stressed. My husband is fine, and right now I’m fine, but may not be fine in a few months if you know what I mean. Some groups are getting hit harder than others, and my group could get hit soon.

    Funny post today.

  4. You always make me smile – or at least grin. It is a good thing I know you are not depressed ALL the time, or I too would have thought you were going off the deep in. BTW – I recoginzed your sister in the picture with Kevin. See you tomorrow at gym – hopefully.

  5. You crack me up. We’ve always done the “in bed thing.” Our kids just though it was silly , then they became teenagers.
    I like the whole hiding the fortune on your body thing..I’m going to have to try that. It will make a nice change from the, hiding the hershey kisses on your body….and less messy.

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