Scared of what I’m going to post???

QUICKIE:  Vincenzo and I were playing Turtle Delivery today and I pet his head.  He said, “Mom, you need to go wash your hands now.  You just touched a turtle.”
Dooooooodzzz…I am so sorry about yesterday’s post.  I’ve never drunk-dialed before, and now I know what it feels like.  It’s not that yesterday’s post isn’t true, it’s just that when I wrote it I was feeling rather (surprise) depressed, and when I’m having one of those hours, I forget that there are actually some hours of the day–and even entire mornings or evenings–where I truly feel happy-with-a-touch-of-nausea.  I don’t want to undersell what I wrote; depression totally sucks and I am mucking through it right now; but in my depressed state I might have made my depression sound more all-encompassing than it actually is.  My house is decorated with pink feather boas for Valentine’s Day and I still live for the spit-soggy bottoms of Vincenzo’s sprinkle donuts, so I haven’t gone off the deep end yet.

I was overwhelmed by your calls, comments, and e-mails and want to thank all of you personally.  But depressed people are exempt from thank-you notes, right?  So here’s a picture of Kevin from high school.  It’s a little thanks from me to you.  I love you man!

k europe

P.S.  Wasn’t Kevin’s girlfriend HOT??!

11 thoughts on “Scared of what I’m going to post???

  1. Despite the cheer I am not letting you off the hook. Keep up the good work and I might consider it.

  2. Hahaha, the last question. Of course Wendy is hot! But wait, just looked again and this is when the fro was totally tamed…I think we need a photo of the real deal! 🙂 I somehow recollect Christmas of 1995 maybe in a Santa suit?

  3. I’m suprised that girls were willing to talk to him-that hair is outrageous.

    Your posts are great, happy or sad. Hang in there Rachel.

  4. Stop apologizing. It is nice to actually hear the truth about how someone is really feeling. I find it very interesting to read.

    Now I’m going to email you a photo that will make you smile.

    Wendy = Hot
    Kevin = Yikes

  5. All I’ve got to say is, isn’t God great? When you ask for help he sends it…even if you didn’t want it exactly in the way it arrives. Much love to you Rach!

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