Q is for…practically nothing

QUICKIE:  My husband walked by Victoria’s Secret and saw a sign for “Underwear 75% Off!”  He couldn’t stop giggling.  *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
Q week was rather, well, quiet.  While it would have made sense to follow up P is for Princess week with Q is for Queen week, we decided to stick with something more gender appropriate.  I’m talking about quilting, of course.  Vincenzo did not pick out these squares for his quilt, nor did he put glue on them, nor did he stick them on the paper.  He did bring me the phone book to set on top it while it dried, so he gets at least partial ownership.


Vincenzo’s favorite restaurant happens to start with the letter Q, so we went there for lunch several times this week too.

QFC logo

Seriously.  If we want to go out for dinner and we ask Vincenzo what restaurant he wants to pick, he always answers, “QFC.”   Fortunately, he still has 15 years to broaden his horizons before prom night.  Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much hope.

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