Like father, like son

QUICKIE: Vincenzo had a friend over for lunch, and she took a minute to scratch her bum.  Ever the gracious host, Vincenzo started scratching his own bum and said something like, “Every time I eat I have to scratch my bottom too.”
Despite my public ridiculing of my husband’s effeminate tendencies, I noticed last week that he changed out his standard “Irish Spring Soap for Straight, Burly Men” for the “Dove Body Bar for Sensitive Skin and People Who Menstruate.”  That female brain book really messed him up.  So I bought him a new one to read.

This should help him with the inner struggle he’s having as a working dad who has to leave his child at home with his wife all day, in a society where men are supposed to do it all and have it all, and to do it all and have it all in size 32 jeans.  Talk about unrealistic expectations.

You know how kids pick up on their parents’ habits?  Well Vincenzo spent an evening playing Sleeping Beauty with his friend, and the next night he watched a movie about princesses that immediately became his favorite movie.  He laughed so hard he nearly fell off the couch a couple times, and Kevin and I commented that he must be watching a completely different movie than we were.  Afterwards we realized he had watched a different movie when he told his grandparents he had watched “Princess Diarrhea.”

The evening ended with this conversation:

Vincenzo: Daddy, will you play robots with me?
Kevin: Sure.  Am I a robot?
Vincenzo: No; you’re the princess.

8 thoughts on “Like father, like son

  1. oh my word…..”I need to scratch my bottom when I eat too.” tee hee….priceless. I love that you write those fun little things down. I forget them about two minutes after they happen. sigh….darn mommy brain!

  2. wait minute…. he was playing Sleeping Beauty? Isn’t that not too far off from playing doctor? I mean, was he kissing his friend over and over while she (I assume she was a she) repeatedly woke up?

    Or was HE the sleeping beauty being kissed over and over?

  3. At least he’ll be the kid to fight for the underdog…you know like adam sandler did in billy madison when the little kid peed his pants? on second thought…

  4. Sorry if Madison created an increase in bottom scratching…

    Please tell Kevin that Madison thanks him profusely for the birthday gift (the only one she wanted to play with tonight) and Erik curses him for the hour of his life that he lost performing surgery to get the parts out of the %&@#!) thing. Good times.

    It was good to see you tonight – even if only in passing as I breastfed and squeezed into inflated openings meant for 30 pound bodies (not at the same time). Again, good times.

  5. Kevin must be a very forgiving husband! You kill me! I mean, my husband would kill me if I wrote that about him. I have been forbidden to say anything else.

  6. I’m so sorry to have introduced princesses to your home. You’ll have to come back over because this week we alternate between princesses and dinosaurs in five minute increments. Maybe that will balance things out. . .

  7. I’m laughing about the quickie thought. I can’t get enough of things like this when they come out of kids mouths, because could you imagine it coming out of my mouth when my friend is over for lunch? It’s just not the same.

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