Show me your unicycle

We saw the Peking Acrobats last weekend but I didn’t take pictures and therefore have nothing to say.  Except that when the one chick was balancing 4 tiers of wineglasses and 16 lit candles from a bite plate in her mouth while climbing up a ladder, I kept wanting to pull the fire alarm, just to break up the tension in the room.  Then I noticed her assistants in the wings looking like this and changed my mind.


(I have no idea where the bra came from.)

One act involved a guy trying to chop two bricks in half with his head.  He rammed his head into those bricks full-force, only to bounce backwards without having broken a thing.  I used to teach junior high English, so I know just how he felt.

The show was 2 hours long.  During the first hour, a dozen girls came out twirling 10 plates on long sticks while contorting their bodies and I thought, “WOOOOWWWWW!  That’s impossible!”  During the second hour I knew I had become desensitized when a guy got 30 plates spinning all at once and I turned to my husband with an I-could-totally-do-that look on my face.

All mockery aside, the Peking Acrobats are a blast and a half and you should all go buy tickets.  If that’s not feasible then you should all sit around feeling guilty that you haven’t bought tickets yet.  I will leave you the same way the Peking Acrobats left me: with a girl riding a unicycle atop a parasol being twirled by some guy.


(Sorry; apparently Windows Live Search doesn’t have any such image, but this squirrel pops up when I search for “unicycle + parasol image.”)

4 thoughts on “Show me your unicycle

  1. Thanks for the giggles. ๐Ÿ™‚ I sooooooooooo needed it today.

    also, thanks for the really nice comment on my blog today. My photography is self taught. I just keep snapping, and learn as I go.

  2. Well … that squirrel should have absolutely no problem finding lady friends, what with that (ahem) unicycle there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    That show sounds like fun. We have a magic and miracles show that we used to enjoy. Just waiting ’til the kids are old enough to enjoy it too. Maybe next year, we can take J with us. I think he’d have fun.

  3. That squirrel doesn’t have a uni anything. I have never seen squirrel balls before..that is interesting…

    That show sounds like Le Grand Cirque, like they have here! I LOVED it!

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