All things O

QUICKIE: Vincenzo, after drinking 2 glasses of milk in 1 hour, asked for a third.  I told him he could have water instead.  He cried, “But I’ve forgotten what milk tastes like!”
We spent most of O week eating O shaped foods.  As you can see from this picture, it is not advisable to eat only O shaped foods for any given period of time, as they seem to be made largely of hydrogenated fats, high fructose corn syrup, and yellow dye #5.  (I have NO idea how a bag of Oreos made it into the mix–they’re not O shaped!)


We also made five separate donut runs throughout the week.  Vincenzo ate the sprinkles off the top of the donuts and I ate the slightly chewed, spit-soggy bottoms of the donuts, thus ending the debate of, “What’s grosser than gross?”  (Moms are.)

I cut out some shapes to make owls but Vincenzo was SOOO not into the art project…again.  It’s hard to tell, but his is the second one.



Next week I think we’ll just skip the art project and instead pull his fingernails off one by one.  It would save us both a lot of pain.

5 thoughts on “All things O

  1. Rachel-

    I am already laughing thinking about the letter P. I am pretty certian that every boy/mans favorite thing starts with that letter and REALLY it is not something that he will ever “share” with you.

  2. hahahah Suzanne’s comment is funny!!

    Ok–I hereby officially proclaim you as my favorite. Seriously. I laugh every. single. time. Do you get tired of me saying that? I am pretty sure I say it every time. Am I the only one?

  3. I’m always looking forward to the next letter of the week post. For anyone else it would be, “Look how great my kid did” and all, but I love your humor in them!

    Oh, and I think that I need to celebrate O week too…I want some donuts (not just the soggy bottoms!).

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