Win big!!!!

QUICKIE: Vincenzo: “Dad, remember when you were a little boy and I was already grown up…”
I just got my city’s catalog of recreation classes for the upcoming season.  I laughed my municipal arse off at some of these classes!  To make it more fun for you, we’re going to do this competition-style.  7 of these are real classes and 3 are made up.  Guess the 3 real ones in the comments and I’ll send you a set of these handmade birthday cards.


If you’re clever, I may even include envelopes.


1.  Gift Wrapping
2.  Beginning Juicing
3.  Intermediate Juicing
4.  Body Language
5.  Excel as a Pedestrian
6.  Drop-in Pinochle
7.  When to Worry
8.  Movie and Popcorn with the Community Center Advisory Board
9.  Yogaerobics
10.  Restless Leg Syndrome

Life’s full of tough choices, ain’t it?

13 thoughts on “Win big!!!!

  1. As a sufferer of Restless Leg Syndrome for over 40 years now, I am proud to see it gaining prominence. Soon it’ll be right up there with AIDS and cancer when President Obama declares war on it.

  2. And if that Excel as a Pedestrian class is real, I should be teaching it. I am great at staying between the lines in the crosswalk usually and feel like my method could help those less fortunate in the community.

  3. I say 5, 7 and ten but I have to agree that you made this really challenging by saying three were real and three were made up. I think you were testing to see if we were still hung over from all the eggnog. I’m onto you girl. Now, I must go stretch and get ready for my excel as a pedestrian class.

  4. Outnumbered: Oops–it’s not that I was testing to see if you were hungover from the eggnog; it’s that I must have been still hungover myself when I wrote this post. 7 are real and 3 are fake, for real.

  5. 3,5 and 8. Although I know that town, and they are big on pedestrian crap, so it’s a little iffy. Do they teach you how to hold the flag?

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